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D-Day on Juno Beach 1944

If there was a Seven Wonders of the Logistical World, then D-Day would certainly sit at #1. Canadian, American, & British assault troops land in Normandy & Cdn 2nd Corps finds itself up against the fanatical Hitler Youth of the 12th SS Panzer Division. Link to Canada on D-Day

Prelude to D-Day

Canada's WW2 growing pains.  Link to Canada's Prelude to D-Day

More War Stories

Discover how ordinary Canadians lived through extraordinary times at war. Link to War Stories index

Victory in Europe

In Nederland, Bevrijdingsdag marks Germany's surrender to 1st Canadian Army in Wageningen. See our pictorial sequence of events as Canada defeats Hitler's Reich in The Netherlands and Germany in May 1945!  Link to Victory

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