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Dutch Starvation & German Capitulation

Canadian 1st Corps joins 2nd Corps

in Northwest Europe for the final push into Netherlands and Germany. A photo history on the Dutch famine and the German surrender – the events leading to the Liberation Day on 5 May 1945. Link to Dutch Privation and German Capitulation in Holland

Liberation & Aftermath

What happens when a 5-year tyranny ends and a war is over?

Amidst the unfettered Dutch jubilation, the armed are disarmed, POWs processed, war criminals prosecuted, collaborators exposed, the occupier occupied. Link to Liberation of The Netherlands and the Aftermath of war

VE Day in Canada!

8th May 1945 – The Home Front

A photo history as the buzz in Europe reaches Canada and euphoria hits the streets of your home town. Link to VE Day on the Home Front in Canada

Victory in Europe - Canada liberates the Netherlands
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