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LCI 299 on Juno

Photographer: Gilbert Milne; Library & Archives Canada a131506 & a137013

Prelude to D-Day

Losses & Lessons: A first-time

Cdn Army stumbled early on, fought to define itself, and ended up shoulder to shoulder with the Brits & Americans, landing in France on D-Day.    Link to Prelude to D-Day

5th of June

Anticipation & Delay:

Everyone knew invasion was coming. But no-one knew when. Or where? Link to D-Day the 5th of June

First Wave Assault

A Canadian Army in Hitler’s Europe

On beaches code-named Juno the landing craft ramps splash down and the air comes alive, buzzing with fury.  Link to D-Day First Wave

Second Wave Analysis

Gib Milne's photos of 9th Brigade

A photographer in the Royal Cdn Navy, Milne captures an incredible photo record of the 3rd Division's invasion.   Link to D-Day Second Wave

D-Day & Normandy